Young Children and the Environment (3rd Edition)


Young Children and the Environment is a practical, future-oriented resource that explores how early childhood educators can work with children, their families and wider community to tackle issues of sustainability.  It reflects the broad dimensions of sustainability in line with the revised EYLF v2.0

Now in its third edition, this seminal text covers Early Childhood Education for Sustainability, as well as the science of sustainability, public health, children’s wellbeing, ethics and a broad range of environmental management topics. ‘Stories from the Field’ present practical ideas for early childhood educators to support their own learning and teaching in sustainability, and international case studies provide examples of how sustainability is taught to young children across the globe. Young Children and the Environment is a call to action for those who work with children to put in place practices for a sustainable future.

This book is a vital resource for students and practitioners looking for guidance on how to implement change for the future of children and the planet.

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