EcoSmart: A sustainable standard for early education


EcoSmart: A sustainable standard for early education will support your team on its journey to a more sustainable community with the introduction of concepts, actions and resources that will inspire the whole team.  Eco smart looks at sustainability across the 7 NQS Quality Areas and is invaluable to the development to Quality Improvement plans that have sustainability embedded.


Eco Smart for Early Childhood Heritage


Chapter 1 Environmental responsibility and Early Education for Sustainability

Chapter 2 Eco Smart for Early Childhood

Chapter 3 Getting started as an Eco Smart early childhood education service

Quality Area 1 Educational program and practice service

Quality Area 2 Children’s health and safety

Quality Area 3 Physical environment

Quality Area 4 Staffing

Quality Area 5 Relationships with Children

Quality Area 6 Collaborative Partnerships with families and communities

Quality Area 7 Governance and leadership

Stories of Change


Support with further training and feedback

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